Coastal Communities

C Susan Curnock 2012 DSC 5452 LR

Coastal communities and the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) have a mutually beneficial relationship: proximity to the GBR allows easy access and a sense of connection to reef ecosystems. Coastal residents and organisations are often best-placed to serve as the GBR’s custodians, due to their knowledge of and identification with the reef. On the other hand, these communities can also have negative impacts on the Reef. These varied relationships are underpinned by community perceptions and motivations, as well as drivers of change that originate outside the community.

The SELTMP 2014: Coastal Communities in the Great Barrier Reef technical report is part of a series from the Social and Economic Long Term Monitoring Program, and presents a picture of the GBR community at large, mainly through secondary socio-economic data collected for Local Government Areas (LGA), and provides context for survey data presented in other reports in this series. This report depicts the current state of coastal community characteristics and relationships with the GBR, and drivers of change.

Results from the SELTMP 2014: Coastal Communities in the Great Barrier Reef technical report have assisted the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority with their preparation of the 2014 Outlook Report and the Strategic Assessment of the GBRWHA. Consultation with Reef and other natural resource managers, Traditional Owners, industry and community groups is continuing to ensure findings from SELTMP are available to address information needs, to improve management of the GBR, and to enhance the wellbeing of Reef users and coastal communities.


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