Survey Data - 2013

This dataset consists of the results of surveys of people to assess their use, dependency, wellbeing and perception of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). This was setup as five closely related surveys designed for different demographic groups. These were: fishers, residents, tourists, tourist operators and a national resident survey. Each of these surveys was designed to capture results across the same themes, but the questions in each survey were tailored to each group.

The surveys were conducted in a number of ways. Fishers and tourist operators were surveyed by phone, whereas residents and tourists were surveyed face to face in public places (from Hopevale/Cooktown to Gladstone), using iPad minis using the iSurvey application ( for data entry. The national survey was conducted online by Pollinate market research (, a market research firm based in Sydney.

As of the end of 2013 the number completed surveys for each group was:

  • Fishers: 210
  • Residents: 3181
  • National: 2000
  • Tourists: 2877
  • Tourist Operators: 119

TOTAL: 8387 records - DOWNLOAD DATA and metadata below

Data download

Please click on the relevant folder to download survey data for 2013. Also see produced maps and SELTMP Interactive Map.

Folder 64 X 64 SELTMP 2013 Surveys
Folder 64 X 64 Commercial fisher surveys
Folder 64 X 64 Resident surveys
Folder 64 X 64 National surveys
Folder 64 X 64 Tourism Operator surveys
Folder 64 X 64 Tourist surveys