Ports & Shipping

C Matt Curnock 2013 MIC 0590 Crop LR

The SELTMP 2014: Ports and Shipping in the Great Barrier Reef technical report presents a snapshot of socio-economic data and indicators relevant to the current state of ports and shipping in the Great Barrier Reef region. A wide range of secondary data and statistics are compiled from publicly available reports, showing patterns of port usage, shipping activities, imports and exports (including their economic value) and the management frameworks to control risks. Primary data are presented from SELTMP surveys conducted over mid-2013, showing community perceptions of ports and shipping in the GBR, and representing more than 8000 respondents from sectors including GBR coastal residents, tourists visiting the GBR region, commercial fishers and marine tourism operators in the GBR, and Australian residents nation-wide.

NEW: 2014 technical report: